Humanizing Classroom Observation: Communication Tools that Enhance Harmony in Schools

Whether you are a novice teacher, an experienced one, or an administrator, this hands-on workshop is for you! It is aimed at providing tools to become more adept at classroom observation and at giving honest, constructive, and empathetic feedback, on the one hand, and at being receptive to feedback, on the other. The participants experience listening deeply and non-judgmentally, and expressing themselves more clearly and fully. Effective communication can help create a school environment in which teachers thrive through peer and supervisor support. This practical and humanistic approach to classroom observation can have a powerful impact on the well-being of the entire school community.


Mindfulness Workshop in Canterbury, UK



I had the pleasure to lead an evening of Mindfulness in Education at Pilgrims Teacher Training, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK. It was a magical workshop, in which we immersed ourselves in Mindfulness and explored its benefits to educational settings. See you again next summer for a deeper, week-long experience!

A Rewarding Workshop at Virginia Tech


Attended by almost thirty Saudi EFL teachers residing in Fairfax, Virginia, this Creativity Workshop was very well-received. It reminded me of why I do what I do. I share my workshops with colleagues from around the world to help them be the best teacher they can be, and to be inspired by them as I grow as a professional and a human being. When you teach from your heart, you never stop learning!

I am humbled and honored by comments like these:

“This workshop was enjoyable and useful. It needs to be extended to many days; not just one day.”
“Every aspect of it was amazing.”
“I learned new things. Thank you.”
“We can apply all the activities to our classes.”
“Thank you so much for this amazing workshop, rich in useful information.”
“The best workshop! I learned a lot! The professor is creative, engaging, and knowledgeable.”

I am very thankful for the opportunity to share my passion, and I am looking forward to another rewarding experience like this in the near future.


Public Speaking in the World-Language Classroom

Most speakers and presenters face varying levels of public speaking anxiety, even more so in a second or foreign language. However, our students are usually expected to present in front of others as if they were pros! This hands-on session focuses on research and practice to help the learner overcome the fear of public speaking. Techniques include impromptu speeches, the use of the body, voice, breathing, and speech writing. Teachers will become acquainted with useful tools that enhance their public speaking skills as well. Don’t miss it!

Creativity Workshop in Cuba: March 5-6, 2018

I had the honor to have been invited to lead a workshop entitled Enhanced Creativity and Motivation at the Universidad de Granma in Bayamo, Cuba. I arrived on Sunday morning at the Holguín airport, and was warmly greeted by Prof. Nieve Solo Gómez, the Director of the Language Department. The professor and her daughter, Helga, who is also a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, proved to be the most wonderful hosts I could have hoped to have.

Early on Monday morning, we were all ready and eager to finally begin a project that had been in the making for almost six months. The group of participants was made up of 40 teachers and advanced speakers of the language, who came from the same campus and from another one 100 miles away.  Their dedication and enthusiasm was contagious! Each activity was more energizing than the previous one.  There were moments of deep reflection, introspection, and journal writing as well. Although the images on the video above do not do justice to so much work, they are a testimony to the fun and the learning experiences we all shared.

Upon the completion of the 10 hour workshop, I was thrilled to read the highly positive feedback from the participants. The only complaint was that it had been too short! Dear Cuban friends, I’d be delighted to go back in a heartbeat! I came back home with my heart full of love and more ideas to put into practice with my students here in Virginia and at the upcoming workshops.

To the Universidad de Granma and the participants in my previous workshop in Bayamo  who made this visit possible, thank you so much for your trust in me and for your inspiration. Beautiful hearts like yours are the reason why I  happily devote most of my time and energy to teaching and learning.  I couldn’t feel more fortunate.

¡Hasta pronto, amigos!


Cuba 2018

Mindfulness in Education: The 4th Annual GWATFL Fall Fest

On November 4, 2017, I had the honor to participate at the GWATFL (Greater Washington Association of  Teachers of Foreign Languages) Fall Fest in Washington, D.C. with a session on Mindfulness in Education. I was delighted to see so many enthusiastic educators, including my former professor and long-time mentor, Dr. Margaret Ann Kassen, embrace the power of Mindfulness. By taking the time to practice loving kindness towards ourselves and others, we can transform education, one student at a time.  Thank you, all, for your support. I’m looking forward to our next event!

Here are a few images of the event and the materials.

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