Spanish Courses Taught at GMU

Span 115 DL: Review of Elementary Spanish. This is a course for beginning students of Spanish who have studied the language before, and it starts the basic language requirements for most majors in The College of Humanities and Social Sciences. It is designed around the national standards of foreign language education: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities. We address those standards through a variety of listening, speaking, reading and writing activities 100% online.

Span 315: Spanish for Heritage Speakers. MW: 12:00-1:15. Designed for students who already have communicative ability in Spanish, normally acquired in the home, who want to improve their reading and writing abilities while developing a critical understanding of Latin American, Latino, and/or Spanish histories and cultures. Course components include orthography and vocabulary activities, grammar review and practice, assigned readings in a variety of genres, critical cultural analysis, in-class discussions, written essays, and the viewing of films. Social media such as blogging, Voice Thread and Padlet is used to maximize communication in class and beyond.

Span 370-001: Spanish Writing and Stylistics. MW: 3:00-4:15. This workshop-style course aims at improving writing skills by covering formal and stylistic concepts of the Spanish language. It includes practice and exposure to different textual genres in an interdisciplinary fashion. It also includes common doubts concerning spelling, expression, and style; business Spanish; journalistic Spanish; academic Spanish; and creative writing. Several online tools are used for publishing student’s work.