Workshop Offerings

Workshop 1: Why and How Mindfulness Can Transform your Classroom


Mindfulness Meditation can transform Education in very powerful ways. This secular practice of open attention to the present moment has been shown to reduce the stress involved in many aspects of life including teaching and learning. Dr. Mulholland’s interactive presentation introduces basic concepts concerning the field of Mindfulness, and focuses on their connection with Education. During this gathering, the participants experience the benefits of a Mindfulness session that embraces compassionate awareness and focused breathing. All the material is easily adaptable to diverse educational contexts, and various sources are provided to encourage further exploration of this fascinating topic.

This workshop is tailored to the needs of the participants, and it can be as short as 1 hour (introduction), or presented as an in-depth 8 hour experience.

Workshop 2: Teaching Languages Through Creativity, Drama Techniques, the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, and Brain-Based Education.


These workshops address the importance of incorporating creative strategies in the teaching of English as a foreign language. Dr. Mulholland introduces and leads discussions of pedagogical topics pertaining to creativity in different educational contexts.  In each of the sessions, theory is practiced through engaging hands-on activities that spark the participants’ imagination and renew their passion for teaching and learning.

Workshop 3: Public Speaking in the Language Classroom


Most speakers and presenters face varying levels of public speaking anxiety; even more so in a second language. However, more often than not, our students are expected to conduct oral presentations in front of others as if they were pros! This hands-on session focuses on research and practice that help the learner overcome the fear of public speaking. Techniques include impromptu speeches, the use of the body, voice, breathing, and visualization, and speech writing. Teachers will find useful tools to enhance their public speaking skills as well.

Note: all the workshops are tailored to the needs of the participants, and they can be as short as 1 hour (introduction), or presented as an in-depth week-long experience.

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Dr. Monica Mulholland, Ph.D.